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What some people say...

Andrea Gutiérrez Gutiérrez

I was feeling stuck and confused with everything in my life.  Often I felt demotivated and I had a lot of mood swings. This prevented me from having the career I wanted, having love, being happy.   

The benefit from working with Daniela is I don’t feel low as often, I have more energy, I am happier in general and I see  how I am attracting more good things into my life.

She is wonderful! You can feel how much she loves helping people. She is full of energy and that is contagious. 

Mahima Lucille Klinge. Founder of The Mahima Mindset

The session with Daniela was amazing, as she has a confidence and clarity in what she does that makes you feel very comfortable to open up and let her in. The session works on many different energetic and emotional levels and I found it extremely interesting. She very quickly intuitively identified, without me giving her much to go on, some current issues in my life. I felt tremendous after the session and very motivated. I can highly recommend this work for anyone who is looking to resolve any deep issues that keep reoccurring and causing discomfort in one's life. It seems to unlock deeper levels of the subconscious mind, creating more space for positive energy and thought patterns in the conscious mind. 

Julie G.

I went to see Daniela not really knowing what to expect from a session. Wow, I was really amazed! Your body really does know what you need in order to heal your issues, and Daniela is able to tap into this without you having to say too much. Daniela is a skilled practitioner who is kind, compassionate and very supportive.  I’ve become more open and trusting since our session together and I’m looking forward to seeing how this new way of being affects my relationships. For anyone who feels stuck or has limiting beliefs about something, I would highly recommend going to see Daniela. She is fantastic!

Geneviève Singh, Craniosacral therapist

The session I had with Daniela Franco was both surprisingly simple and informative. I enjoyed her welcoming, sunny nature and felt her open heart. She used muscle tests to identify areas of conflict/problem and offered easy solutions in a very systematic way. This shifted my perception of the situation and provided useful insights.

Celia Grannum Perarnaud

If I had to choose just two significant positive outcomes from my work with Daniela, they would be two that arose after the first session, but which continue to influence and shape my life today. One is that, for the first time in my life I discovered the art of being still, and the second is that I started to write. But even to mention these two items belittles the immense expanse of influence which this session has had on every facet of my life.

If you are sitting on the fence and trying to decide whether to make an appointment or not, I would say do not make it. You are not ready for the work. Daniela is a most skilled spiritual gardener, who utilises a powerful tool to effect transformation, but you have to be ready for the change in your life, you must be open to receive the guidance and allow the shifts to happen. If you are not sure yet, then may I suggest that you sit very quietly on that fence. Meditate on it until you hear the whisper of your intuition and are inspired to hop off on one side or the other. If you do walk into Daniela’s consultation room, know that you are on the edge of change and there is no looking back. Enjoy the Healing Journey! 


I was brokenhearted. I felt like my whole sense of perception of reality and trust in myself had been shattered.   

Daniela was recommended to me by a dear friend. She helped bring me back to myself. She was intuitive and spot-on with her awareness. She guided me through a process that began to lift a lot of the depression and fear. 

After each session, I felt lighter, more energized, and happy to be alive. Healing from emotional abuse is an ongoing process. Daniela helped me to jumpstart that process.