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Reconnect to your innate power of healing

Who am I?


Fascinated by the human mind and my passion to help people, I knew my career would be Psychology. 

Fueled by my desire to help efficiently and effectively, I started more than 15 years ago an intense journey of exploring, researching, trying out for myself and then deciding to study and master powerful healing methods that would support people, who are ready to make a change and access their own innate power!


I combine my background and experience in clinical Psychology, a highly developed intuition that can be explained with Quantum Physics (love it!) and a huge array of transformational techniques based on the latest research of the brain and the functioning of the human system, Applied Kinesiology, Quantum Physics, and ancient healing methods from India and Traditional Chinese Medicine, to help people identify their blocks - transform them - and be at their BEST, shining from within! 


I absolutely love guiding people into finding back their Spark! I have seen it countless of times with people changing career directions, healing a difficult past experience or simply getting oriented in the direction of love in order to release that which was not allowing them to live life with joy, gratitude, and excitement. 

And when I am not guiding Healing Journeys, I feed my own Spark by teaching Zumba, getting out of my comfort zone to try new things and creating delish meals that are as well efficient. We only have this life, right?

S.A.L.S.A. for Burnout

Feeling like you are burning out? Check out my 5min. Ignite talk to get inspired with S.A.L.S.A. on how to prevent Burn Out!

Quantum Change Made Easy

In this Curious Courses mega event, I shared a powerful healing method I constantly use with my clients. 

Curious about rapid and effective transformations?