Join us for the powerful REconnect RElease REshine group sessions!

Reconnect to your innate power of healing

Reconnect to your innate power of healing

Effective and powerful methods adapted to YOU

Effective and powerful methods adapted to YOU

Are you ready?


Every human being has the POWER to heal and RECONNECT to their inner source of wisdom and light. 

Life experiences perceived as painful and threatening are hardwired in the brain with life-depleting beliefs like: No one takes me seriously at work, I can never rely on someone to help me, I need to work really hard or else I feel lazy/useless, I am lost and don't have clarity in my life, I don't deserve..., and as a consequence, the access to this inner WISDOM is blocked. 

Here is where I help you - RECONNECT to this POWER and RELEASE that which no longer serves you to live your life from your OWN LIGHT! 

I have the tools to unravel this - YOU have the ANSWER.


Yes, I want, choose and I am ready to change! This is the initial mindset for a transformation.

If you are getting benefits from staying in a victim position, seek comfort in your same old same old, want to blame: parents/partner/boss/children/Karma/water composition in your area, you will be wasting your time and mine. I don't guide people that don't want to change just for the sake of charging. My time is precious and my passion is effective unraveling of blocks to find your SPARK!