Welcome to Healing Journey. My name is Daniela Franco. I was born and raised in Mexico. I decided to pursuit my career as a psychologist due to my fascination with the human mind and my passion to help others. I had the wonderful opportunity to work guiding group therapy for patients diagnosed with cancer, with adults suffering from depression, in a shelter with women who were victims of abuse, children referred by schools because of behavioral problems and children that had special needs due to a neurological disorder. Although all of these experiences were very rewarding, I always felt that there had to be something more that could help all people heal faster.

After doing several visits to a mental hospital together with a doctor in neurology, I felt the frustration of knowing that there was only so much that psychotherapy and medicine could do for a person suffering from mental illness. I will never forget a case of a woman with severe depression that had committed several suicide attempts and the psychiatrist on duty told me that neither therapy nor strong medicaments were helping her. When I spoke with her she seemed in desperate need of finding the meaning of her life. This experience only confirmed much stronger that it was time to search for something else other than the traditional methods of psychotherapy.

So, I researched and experimented different therapies in search for something that would fully support people in their healing in a loving and effective way. I am pleased to have found and be trained in three systems that successfully and efficiently guide adults and children to great healing and extraordinary life changes!

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