Resonance Repatterning®


Chloe Faith Wordsworth is the founder and developer of the Resonance Repatterning® System. Everything is energy or vibrating frequencies: every thought, feeling, every word you speak, and every organ and tissue in your body. When your frequencies are in sync with each other (coherent), you have energy and a sense of physical, emotional and mental well-being. When your frequencies are out of sync with each other (non-coherent), you may feel angry, depressed, tired, and life feels like a stress rather than a joy. 

Resonance Repatterning® is a system based on concepts from new physics, cutting edge brain research and energy psychology that make it possible for you to maintain your natural state of coherence and achieve the best of who you are no matter your life circumstances.  


Resonance Repatterning®  identifies and transforms your out-of-sync frequencies, that is, the negative thoughts, emotions or patterns that are not serving you in your life and deplete you from your energy. When your frequencies are in sync, you have a natural flow of love in relationships, you achieve the best of who you are, you feel happy and healthy from within yourself and your life has a sense of purpose and meaning.

A well-functioning autonomic nervous system knows what we need for our health and well-being on all levels. It controls about 90% of your body’s functions, including the binary muscle response: contraction (ON) or relaxation (OFF). Because our autonomic nervous system fires our muscle responses, we can access our autonomic nervous system (and the energy field it responds to), through our reflex on/off muscle responses. Through this response, we can find out what creates coherence in our body-emotions-mind frequency field and what does not. This tool, also used by many health practitioners and chiropractors, is called “muscle checking” in the Resonance Repatterning® System. It will allow your own system and innate wisdom to direct the process exactly where it needs to go. 


In a Resonance Repatterning® session you will be guided to:

  • Identify the out-of-sync frequencies (negative thoughts, emotions or beliefs) that you resonate with in relation to a specific problem, shift them and empower yourself in the problematic situation
  • Support you in the intentions you have in your life so that you resonate, create and attract what you truly want
  • Determine what is needed to change the frequencies. The system is so powerful and efficient because a modality (self-healing technique that inputs energy) is identified on your specific need at that moment of time. It is a simple approach with profound results!

(The trademark Resonance Repatterning® is used under license from Chloe Faith Wordsworth)