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Our life is truly a quest, a journey. In each step of the way we encounter challenges that help us become aware of the things we need to modify, to strengthen or to let go. When we master the challenges, we experience a sense of joy, healing, and growth. When we don’t, we suffer physical illness, we feel “stuck”, and can’t move forward. We feel stressed, angry, depressed, without energy or joy and keep repeating the same problem/reaction (e.g. impatience or fear in similar situations/unhealthy relationships).

We keep experiencing these negative feelings because there is energy blocked that is not flowing and we are attracting unconscious patterns that have not been modified. Once these patterns are modified, we not only feel an inner sense of peace and happiness but also begin to positively impact everything around us.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Max Planck

Daniela Franco of Healing Journey
guides you throughout this quest of obtaining the life you desire through Reiki, The Reconnection® or Resonance Repatterning®. Daniela says: “Healing is a natural part of life and when you find yourself in need of support, I would be honored to participate in this process with you.”

Not sure what treatment is right for you? Contact Healing Journey to discuss your aspirations, so that a treatment can be chosen to suit your individual needs. Daniela Franco gives in-person appointments in Zurich, Switzerland and also works via Skype, email or proxy for the rest of the world.